Motorized Casters

In a world where efficiency and automation are paramount, Conceptual Innovations stand at the forefront of revolutionizing material handling operations. Our cutting-edge motorized casters, namely the DRIVE CASTER®, HaloDrive™ Pods, and the comprehensive Conversion DRIVE CASTER® kits are designed to seamlessly integrate into any operational environment, ensuring that your material handling is not just another task but a strategic advantage. With these innovative solutions, Conceptual Innovations is not just providing tools; they are redefining mobility in the workplace, making it safer, faster, and more cost-effective. Embrace the future of material handling with Conceptual Innovations and turn your operations into a model of efficiency and safety.

DRIVE CASTER® – Motorized Casters

The DRIVE CASTER® is a motorized caster that integrates both the caster and the motor. It’s easy to install, even on existing equipment. It helps to lower labor costs, speed up your material handling operation, and reduce workplace injuries.

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HaloDrive™ Pods – Omnidirectional Wheels

The HaloDrive™ Pods are heavy-duty, motorized omnidirectional wheels with unlimited maneuverability. They are designed for modular integration, adding mobility to various extreme-duty applications.

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Conversion DRIVE CASTER® – Add a Motorized Caster Almost Anywhere

Complete DRIVE CASTER® conversion kits are available. These include controls, a power source, and wiring. Simply connect to your device and start moving heavy loads at the push of a button. By making heavy equipment loads easy to move, Caster Concepts has eliminated the need for manual pushing or pulling, reducing the risk of injury and the need for multiple operators.

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Material Handling Carts & Platforms

Conceptual Innovations also offers motorized material handling carts and custom solutions for unique material handling solutions. Our HaloDrive™ Pods and HaloDrive™ Systems have been used in advanced material handling applications by NASA, the US Military and manufacturing applications throughout the US.

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