Material Handling Safety

Innovative Solutions for Reducing Material Handling Injuries

Material Handling Safety: Minimize Risks and Enhance Workplace Security

Material handling, the movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal, encompasses inherent risks, not just to the efficiency of operations but, more critically, to worker safety. The significance of material handling safety cannot be overstated to prevent accidents and injuries and ensure a productive, efficient, and harmonious work environment. With Conceptual Innovations as your trusted partner, you can achieve a safer work environment, boost productivity, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


The Perils of Material Handling

Material handling involves many activities, including lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, and storing, which, if not executed with safety in mind, can lead to serious injuries. The most common material handling injuries include strains and sprains from overexertion, fractures and bruises from falls, and cuts or lacerations from interacting with machinery or sharp materials. The consequences of these injuries are far-reaching, affecting not just the injured employees but also the operational capacity of businesses and the overall well-being of the workforce.


“At the beginning of the project, there were a lot of unanswered questions on how to move forward. The Conceptual Innovations team helped us through the process to ensure the project turned out extremely successful. We’ll be sure to use them again whenever we can.”

– Ergonomics Engineer, Large Equipment Manufacturer

Conceptual Innovations’ DRIVE CASTER®: A Game-Changer for Worker Safety

At the forefront of innovation in material handling safety is Conceptual Innovations’ DRIVE CASTER®, the world’s first motorized caster designed to drastically reduce push force required for moving heavy loads. This pioneering technology not only demonstrates Conceptual Innovations’ commitment to enhancing worker safety but also highlights the company’s role in revolutionizing the material handling industry. By making loads easier to move, the DRIVE CASTER® significantly reduces the risk of overexertion injuries, thereby safeguarding workers and enhancing operational efficiency.

Why Choose Conceptual Innovations?

We take a hands-on approach to reducing push force and improving safety. We dissect the problem, walk through a solution, and help our customers quantify it from a cost perspective.

Ensure Compliance: Our team understands workforce safety requirements and are expert at reducing push force associated with material handling, mitigating injury risks effectively.

Boost Productivity: We can design solutions that streamline material transport processes, minimize resistance, and enable faster, more efficient operations.

Enhanced Workplace Ergonomics: Our key focus on every project we work on is employee well-being when it comes to reducing strain and fatigue during material handling tasks.

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Largest US Automaker Achieves Push Force Reductions From 70 Lbs. To 40 Lbs.

The largest US automaker was having issues with initial push force on the facility’s material handling carts. Each cart load weighed in at about 10,000 lbs. On these carts, the initial push force averaged approximately 70 lbs. of pressure exerted per cart. This was a far greater number than OSHA recommends for push-pull force. Perhaps worse, the carts required two operators to start rolling, which reduces productivity and increases cost.

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