DRIVE CASTER® Motorized Casters

The Industry’s First Motorized Caster Wheel

The DRIVE CASTER® is a self-contained motorized caster unit that integrates both the caster and the motor. It’s easy to install, even on existing equipment.

The Drive Caster® is a first-of-its-kind, motorized caster designed to move tons easily and efficiently. With DRIVE CASTER® technology, a single operator can easily start, maneuver, and stop a load using only a control panel and tank steering. The DRIVE CASTER® also has the flexibility to integrate into various applications beyond industrial carts and racks, such as dollies, moving walls, turntables, platforms, machinery, and more.

The conversion Drive is a single-wheel motorized caster that can easily be attached to your existing material handling carts and platforms. This powerful motorized caster eliminates push force, making loads easier and faster to move. A great option vs. retrofitting your existing material carts with Driver Casters®.

The Trike Drive System

The Trike Drive System, featuring an innovative trio of two swiveling casters and a singular Drive Caster®, is designed for effortless adaptability across various carts within your workspace, simplifying mobility. Its L-shaped base ensures a straightforward setup beneath diverse loads, streamlining transportation tasks. Echoing the functionality of the Single Drive System, it utilizes a user-friendly single-axis joystick for operation.

The Significance of the Trike Drive System

This system excels in settings with a variety of cart types, offering seamless transitionability from one task to another without the hassle.

Key Benefits of the Trike Drive System

Its standout feature is the versatile application within different workplace scenarios, enabled by its easy adaptability to numerous carts. Coupled with the simplicity of the DRIVE CASTER® operation and its economical value, the Trike Drive System represents a transformative solution for enhancing efficiency and mobility in any work environment.

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Two Motor Options
-1/4hp power to move up to a 3,000 lb. total load
-1/2hp power to move up to a 6,000 lb. total load. AC or DC Powered ModelsOptional Encoder
-Measure speed and distance
-Feedback for automation
Control Units
-Variable Speed
-Fixed control
-Integrate into existing controls Add a second DRIVE CASTER® to your cart or equipment to
-Increase load capacity
-Achieve tank-style steering

The DRIVE CASTER® is also available in a Drive Cart to eliminate manual pushing and pulling and can move up to 10,000 lbs. A major benefit of the Drive Cart is the motor can be disengaged so the cart can be utilized at higher speeds with a tugger or AGV. This makes it easy to maneuver from the tugger train to the work area, eliminating a major constraint in material transport.

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This unique motorized caster is available in various configurations. Complete DRIVE CASTER® kits are available, these include controls, power source, and wiring, simply connect to your device, and start moving tons at the push of a button. And by making heavy equipment loads easy to move, Caster Concepts has eliminated the need for manual pushing or pulling, reducing the risk of injury and the need for multiple operators.