Our objective is beyond simply transporting a large or heavy load. Our solution-driven approach helps customers improve productivity, increase safety, reduce the risk of damage, and achieve greater efficiency. Turnkey solutions that make hard work a little easier.

For decades, clients in various industries have relied on our engineering expertise to develop a complete solution for their material handling needs. We integrate electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems to create the ideal solution for the application and its requirements.

We offer standard carts and transporters in both the Drive Caster® and HaloDrive™ omnidirectional electric drive systems. We can also develop a more customized solution by integrating an electric drive system into equipment that is under development or retrofitting existing equipment.

Custom Engineered Transporter

Custom Engineered Transporter

When a national laboratory needed to transport components through a narrow tunnel to a particle accelerator, they relied on the ingenuity and engineering expertise of Conceptual Innovations to solve the challenge.

Our engineers developed a completely custom transporter with hydraulic arms to elevate, position, and align the load for installation.

Due to the sensitivity of the components, a shock absorbing suspension system was also developed to protect the materials.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Cement and Concrete
  • Defense
  • Foundry and Metal Fabrication
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Marine/Naval
  • Paper
  • Train and Rail
  • Truck and Trailer
  • Roll Loader
  • Pressed Concrete

Power Generation

    • Electric
    • Nuclear
    • Oil and Gas
    • Wind Power

  • Raw Materials

    • Coal
    • Grain
    • Iron Ore
    • Pulp


    HaloDrive™ Retrofit for Aircraft Work Platform

    The largest aircraft manufacturer in the United States asked us to develop an omnidirectional drive system for their work platforms. The platform needed to be properly aligned with extreme precision to enable workers to safely reach the aircraft.

    The unwieldy platform required 10 laborers to move and position it. Our engineers developed a solution that was extremely easy to operate with a single operator. A “spotter” works with the operator due to limited visibility because of the platform’s size.