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Bridging Engineering Gaps

Conceptual Innovations stands as the premier partner for engineering firms seeking to augment their capabilities and fill gaps in their projects.

Our seasoned team brings expertise spanning design, consultation, and even build phases if required, ensuring seamless project execution from conception to completion.

With Conceptual Innovations by your side, harness the power of a trusted engineering partner to achieve your project goals with precision and efficiency.

“At the beginning of the project, there were a lot of unanswered questions on how to move forward. The Conceptual Innovations team helped us through the process to ensure the project turned out extremely successful. We’ll be sure to use them again whenever we can.”

– Ergonomics Engineer, Large Equipment Manufacturer

Why Choose Conceptual Innovations?

Engineering firms benefit from partnering with Conceptual Innovations, leveraging their expertise to augment capabilities and ensure project success.

Customized Solutions: Tailored engineering solutions to address specific project requirements, ensuring optimal outcomes and efficiency.

Expert Consultation: Access to experienced engineers providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the project lifecycle.

Seamless Integration: From design to build, Conceptual Innovations offers end-to-end support, augmenting capabilities and ensuring project success.

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Motorized Flaker Cart Efficiently Moves 16,000 lb. Rollers In Spark-Free Facility

A raw agricultural commodities trader needed a motorized cart to move 16,000-pound flaker rollers in a spark-free environment. The cart would eliminate the need for overhead cranes and multiple people tuggers manhandling a 16,000 lb. load in a space-constrained area. Conceptual Innovations engineered and built a custom cart that allowed the operators to achieve a high degree of accuracy and safety in a dangerous environment.

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