HaloDrive™ Pods

Conceptual Innovations’ patented technology featured in the HaloDrive™ Pods™ enables these motor-powered, omnidirectional wheels unlimited maneuverability with extreme precision (+/- 1/4” Variance). Each of the HaloDrive Pods™ is independently steered and driven enabling unrestricted movement in any direction, at any angle. Pods can instantly switch drive modes, making it easy to control, maneuver, and position.

HaloDrive™ Pods™ are designed for modular integration to add mobility into a variety of extreme-duty industrial applications. Thus, capable of essentially moving limitless weight and size capacity, simply increase Pods to accommodate the application’s requirements.

Industrial Omnidirectional Wheels

  • Scalable
    Self-contained, modular design simplifies implementation on a wide variety of heavy equipment.
  • Powerful
    Each Pod can move several tons, capacity increases exponentially with the number of Pods.
  • Easy
    Intuitive controls and safety features simplify operation, eliminating the need for certification or skilled labor.
  • Efficient
    Less downtime charging thanks to patented power management technology.


HaloDrive™ systems are a safer alternative to forklifts, overhead cranes, and other high-risk, difficult-to-operate, and space-consuming equipment. HaloDrive™ Systems can move massive loads with extreme precision and do not require a certified, highly skilled operator.

Reduce Capital Investment and Save Space

  • Does not require any modifications to facilities or special flooring, rails, tracks, etc.
  • Begin movement in ANY direction, significantly reducing the floor space needed to maneuver and position.
  • Retrofit existing equipment and reduce equipment expenditures.
  • Lower purchase, operation, and maintenance costs than other equipment with similar size and weight capacities.

Improve safety and increase productivity.

  • Easily maneuver and precisely position quickly to save valuable time.
  • Doesn’t require certification or specialized training to operate.
  • Reduce the risk of injury or damage to products, equipment, and facilities.
  • Motor driven to minimize operator effort, reducing fatigue and risk of overexertion.
  • Increases load capacity that can be moved by a single operator.

Mobility Solutions for Unique Challenges

  • Add mobility to unique, large, or heavy equipment.
  • Multiple pods can be combined in one application to increase weight capacity and drive power.
  • Engineering expertise available for the development of custom and turnkey solutions.
  • Precise positioning (+/- ¼ inch accuracy) to ensure proper alignment

Take Advantage of Our On-Site Visits

Conceptual Innovations offers comprehensive on-site visits to assess your challenges firsthand. With years of experience in solving ease-of-movement and durability issues our team delivers actionable recommendations and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. From initial assessment to implementation, trust Conceptual Innovations to enhance your operations and drive success.

  • On-site assessments conducted by experienced professionals
  • Tailored recommendations to address unique challenges
  • Focus on improving efficiency, safety, and productivity
  • Proven track record in solving ease-of-movement and durability issues
  • Seamless integration from assessment to implementation

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James Proteau

Solutions Expert

Jimmy’s responsibilities influence all aspects of business, engineering, and manufacturing at Conceptual Innovations. He is also responsible for the day to day operation of Enterprise systems, also known as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems which provide a user-interface for the entire organization to manage business processes.

Prior to Conceptual Innovations, Jimmy served in the United States Army for 22 years as a Combat Engineer, seeing action in both Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom campaigns.

Instant Engagement Steering™

HaloDrive Pods feature a patented technology that manages steering and drive power simultaneously. Our exclusive Instant Engagement Steering™ enables the Pods to instantly change drive modes and steering type without advanced activation or manual engagement. Each Pod has full steering and drive capabilities, and all Pods in a HaloDrive system are synchronized to operate in unison, complementing one another to provide unparalleled performance.

HaloDrive Systems are designed to be intuitive, enabling operators to drive, maneuver, and position with total control. Thus, making HaloDrive quicker, safer, and easier to use than most other steerable drive systems. So easy that the average laborer is trained and fully functional within 30 minutes.

Quickly implement functionality to improve operations, such as

  • Maneuver and position with exacting precision
  • Change directions without rotating the load
  • Begin movement at any angle regardless of direction
  • Rotate on its axis

Add Omnidirectional Drive Power to Carts and Equipment.

  • The only omnidirectional motorized caster on the market for loads over 1 ton
  • Move in any direction, maneuver easily, and position with extreme precision.
  • Features patented technology that optimizes power and battery life.
  • HaloDrive™ Pods can easily be integrated to upgrade existing equipment or develop new transport solutions.

Ideal for applications up to 100 tons on just about any type of extremely large and heavy equipment

  • Aircraft Maintenance Platforms
  • Carts and Transports
  • Overhead Gantry Cranes
  • Turntables
  • Upenders and tilters
  • Equipment limited to tracks or other constraints.