Drive Carts

Drive Cart - Motorized Cart

Conceptual Innovations developed the Drive Cart™ to provide a versatile, yet powerful material handling cart that could be used in various applications. Powered by our patented Drive Caster™, this motorized cart can move up to 10,000 lbs. with the touch of a button.

The Drive Cart™ platform offers a wide range of options, and it can be used to develop a custom engineered solution to meet your exact requirements. Providing a turnkey system that increases productivity, reduces the risk of injury, and simplifies operations.

Drive Carts

Not the Average Industrial Cart

The Drive Cart™ was designed to provide a platform for solving common material handling issues in production environments. We combine electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems to deliver functionality needed to overcome:

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Eliminate lifting, pushing, pulling, loading and other strenuous activities with motor driven movement to push the cart and hydraulic lift functionality to elevate the load.


Quickly and easily deliver materials from storage to production areas by disengaging the drive system for towing in a delivery train, the re-engage drive power to deliver to the precise location specified.

Increase load up to 10,000lbs total weight to reduce number of trips and time spent traveling to and from production area.


Does not require certification or advanced skills to operate, reducing labor costs. Semi-automated functions reduce the number of laborers required to complete a task.

The possibilities for improvement in safety, productivity, and longevity are endless. The Drive Cart can eliminate forklifts, tow motors, manual movement, and their associated risks.

Drive Configurations

The Drive Caster® which delivers the power to move the Drive Cart™ can be placed in different locations to assist with steering and make handling easier. A second Drive Caster® can be added to enable powered tank steering capabilities, which eliminates the need for the operator to exert energy to turn the cart. Providing the ultimate ergonomic solution for steering and handling.

Manual Steering
(Front Pivoting)

Manual Steering
(Center Pivoting)

Straight Line with Track

HaloDrive™ Carts

Omnidirectional Flatbed Carts and Transporters

If your application requires

  • Precise positioning
  • Maneuvering in confined areas or limited floor space
  • Extremely large loads
  • Weight capacity up to 100 tons

Consider the HaloDrive™ Cart featuring our patented omnidirectional drive system.