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Innovation in motorized casters, omnidirectional wheels and flatbed electric industrial material handling carts is in our DNA.  Solving heavy industries toughest multi-directional material movement challenges, Conceptual Innovations solutions power hydraulic scissor lifts, specialty material handling carts and self-propelled modular transports (SPMT’s).

From aerospace, heavy equipment and defense precision component alignment and assembly to steel coil, roll and stamping die placement in fabrication and foundries to power generation equipment production, we partner to understand your challenges and deliver optimal productivity, safety and R.O.I.

If you are interested in leveraging any of Conceptual Innovations’ proprietary technology, please contact us at 517-343-1807.



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Product Identifier

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Drive Caster®

US 10,377,403 | US 10,703,401 B2

At Conceptual Innovations, our 30-year legacy of industrial innovation centers on solving unique material handling solutions for the movers of modern manufacturing and aerospace industries.  Have a unique mobile transport application that requires power and precision? Contact our engineering experts or call 517-343-1807.