Custom Engineered Solutions

Turnkey Systems Custom Engineered for the Application

Conceptual Innovations integrates electric drive systems with hydraulic capabilities, leveraging engineering expertise and technology to develop turnkey, semi-automated solutions that improve materials movement and manufacturing functions.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of custom-engineered solutions for over 2 decades, Conceptual Innovations expertise includes two patented drive systems. Our specialty is integrated drive systems for application-specific material handling carts and the movement of heavy equipment from 1 to 100 tons.
From complete systems to retrofitting existing equipment, Conceptual Innovations can:

  • Engineer and manufacture a turnkey solution for your application
  • Engineer a drive system for integration into equipment under development
  • Design a drive system to upgrade or retrofit existing equipment

We also offer engineering design and consulting services if needed.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Engineering Expertise That is Second to None

Customers look to Conceptual Innovations for a solution, not a product. We own several patents, including two specifically for drive systems.
You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our demonstrated history that includes:

  • A library of prior projects, including case studies
  • Testimonials and references
  • Proven track record of on-time delivery
  • ROI validation

Custom Engineered to Deliver ROI

Every custom solution provides a tangible monetary return on investment along with priceless benefits (less injuries, safer working environments) that improve morale and increase worker retention. Our motorized options also increase load capacity to move more material per trip.

In addition, the extreme maneuverability and precision handling of our drive systems help reduce floor space requirements, offers better battery management, reduces the risk of damage to both the load and facilities, and enables a single operator to run without needing a special license or certification.

Turnkey Solutions For Complex Challenges

Rely on Conceptual Innovations for engineering expertise coupled with made-to-order manufacturing capabilities to develop a custom solution for moving the most complex, unique, extremely heavy, or massively large equipment and materials.

Engineered and Manufactured for Your Unique Requirements

Functional Capabilities

  • Movement in any direction without rotating equipment or load
  • Precise positioning (+/- ¼ inch)
  • Hydraulic lift, rotate, and tilt capabilities
  • Retractable drive system
  • Fire resistance/spark proof
  • Dustproof
  • Water resistance
  • Weight distribution

And more, just ask.

Examples of our capabilities and work

Ladder Cart-Parts Picking

3,000lb load capacity

Stops all movement when

  • Operator steps on the ladder
  • If both hands are not holding the handles

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Lift Table Cart

Hydraulic lift raises entire table (top of cart)

  • Slides in under carrier to lift up and move 15,000 lb capacity
  • Spring-loaded suspension to provide greater stability

Coil Transport Loader

Transport coil roll of aluminum for
automobile manufacturing

  • Align with mandrel on equipment to load coil (requires precise alignment within mm)
  • Hydraulic lift arms
  • Sensors control speed and stop location

Motorized Roll Lifter – Effortless Handling for Heavy Rolls (

Grain Flaker Cart (Food Industry)

Replaced overhead crane and tugger

  • Flame and spark-proof
  • Protective features to enable washdown and keep contaminants out
  • Oil-safe QUADRALIP seal system
  • 20,000lb max capacity

Case Study

Tandem – Semi Frame Rail

Transporters – Frame lengths varied from 20 to 50 feet

  • Both carts are controlled in tandem and also operate individually
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Integrated charger, simply plug into any 120V AC source

Replaced overhead cranes

Semi Truck Frame Rail Cart | Lifting Capacity of 8000 lbs. (

Heavy Equipment Transmission Cart

Purchased in 2012, we are refurbishing all of the carts in 2024 to provide another decade or more of use. We helped customers save a fortune in equipment costs and help the environment.

Transmission is Hydraulically:

  • Rotated
  • Raised
  • Tilted

Safety Mats on outrigger legs that disable the entire system if an operator steps up

Aircraft Maintenance Platform (Retrofit)

  • 8,000 lbs weight capacity
  • Must be properly positioned to enable laborers to safely reach aircraft
  • Drive system reduced labor required to move and position from 10 people to 1 operator and 1 spotter

Rail Guided Platform

  • Moves 100 ft/min with a 4,000 lb load
  • Stops when detects objects in the path or end of rail

Conceptual Innovations Drive Platform

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Specialty Transporter NASA

  • Spring-loaded suspension system – Hydraulic arms
  • Distributed weight pressure for safety – greater stability and
    reduced impact on flooring

HaloDrive™ SYSTEM: The Future of Interstellar Exploration (conceptual

Load Transfer Cart

  • 4-piston hydraulic lift system elevates rollers to the proper height to transfer a die onto a press
  • 5000lb capacity
  • Tank steering

Lifting Drive Cart | Conceptual Innovations (
Case Study

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Specialty Transporter for Classified Equipment

  • Spring-loaded suspension system – Hydraulic arms
  • Integrated charger

Sub-Assembly Carts with Scissor Lift

CI produced the yellow carrier for the sub-assembly which connects to a scissor lift on the cart.

Sub-assembly must be

  • lifted
  • tilted
  • positioned to be bolted onto the main assembly

The foot pedal to control the hydraulic scissor lift Brake engages when the foot pedal is in use.

Nuclear Material Lift Table

Transports nuclear material

A lift table is used to enable all workers to comfortably and easily load the container onto the cart.

Also as an adjustable height work surface to reduce the risk of injury

Hydraulic scissor lift elevates the table

  • The brake engages when the lift is in use