Omni Directional Industrial Electric Cart

HaloDrive™ omnidirectional industrial electric carts are engineered to safely transport the heaviest and largest loads, regardless of their shape, size, or other unique requirements. Our patented HaloDrive™ System maneuvers with ease through and around obstacles while providing extreme accuracy for alignment and positioning.

Yes, It’s Possible!

Effectively move a mountain with extreme precision at the hands of a single operator!

Our patented HaloDrive technology coupled with our advanced engineering and quick response manufacturing capabilities enable us to develop the ideal solution to your greatest materials transport challenges.

  • Unlimited maneuverability

    Move in any direction with extreme precision without rotating load orientation, even from a complete stop.

  • Unparalleled power

    Patented technology manages power distribution for longer battery life while increasing load capacity

  • Unbelievable accuracy

    Move a 250ft long cart with up to a 100-ton load with pinpoint accuracy (+/- ¼ inch) for perfect alignment

Increase Productivity While Reducing Operating Costs

  • Larger load and higher weight capacities reduce movement to increase efficiency.
  • Move extremely heavy and massively large loads with a single operator that does not require a certificate or license to operate.
  • Maintenance free reduces operation cost and eliminate equipment downtime.
  • Patented power management technology reduces electricity consumption and increases battery life.

Simplify Operations and Reduce Risk of Injury

  • Safely maneuver with precision to quickly position loads exactly where needed and eliminate repetitive realignment.
  • Simplify tasks with semi-automated functionality to reduce worker motion and risk of injury.
  • Get the job done on one device to reduce risk and improve processes

Gain Valuable Floor Space While Preventing Damage

  • Combine motions to proceed in any direction while independently rotating the load to maneuver through sharp turns, narrow paths, and tight spaces.
  • HaloDrive Pods are modular and function independently to provide unparalleled design flexibility and distribute load weight to reduce risk of damage to flooring and facilities
  • Start movement in any direction from any orientation
  • Optional safety equipment minimizes the risk of collision and other potential hazards

A Safer, Cost-Effective Alternative for Material Handling Equipment

HaloDrive systems are a safer alternative to forklifts, overhead cranes, and other high risk, difficult to operate and space consuming equipment. HaloDrive Systems have the capacity to move massive loads with extreme precision.

  • Break free from physical limitations and requirements
  • No license or certification needed to operate
  • Eliminate facility changes and modifications to save time and money by eliminating:
    • Rails or barriers
    • Guidance tape or tracks
    • Overhead mounting
    • Excess floor space for maneuvering and turning

Standard Configurations

We offer a lineup of standard flat table carts that can be customized for the application and its unique requirements. We offer a wide range of functional options such as hydraulic lifting tables, custom carrier integration, safety features, and much more.

Platform Cart
Platform Truck
Platform Transporter
Custom Engineered
Dimensions 6.25’ x 8.3’ 8.3’ x 12.5’ 8.3’ x 16.7’
Capacity 20,000 30,000 40,000
Max Capacity for Cart Dimensions 40,000 60,000 100,000
Control Enclosures 1 2 2
Battery Enclosures 2 3 4
Sample Applications

  • Assembly
  • Transfer
  • Load/Unload
Engine Transfer Cart
Vehicle Frame
Coil Mandrel Loader
Unit Load Cart
Train/Rail Car
Electricity Transformer
Commercial Generator
Turbine Engine
Semi Frame
Airplane Fuselage
Boat/Ship Assembly
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Heat Exchanger
Developed for you specific applications
  • 360° OR CAROUSEL

Independent Steering for Unrestricted Maneuverability

Our omnidirectional industrial electric carts are powered by HaloDrive Pods which feature independent steering and drive power. Each of the Pods is free to turn or rotate to a specific degree, regardless of the others, thus enabling the freedom to move in any direction with precise accuracy for positioning and alignment.