We solve one of the greatest challenges in the industry, how to increase productivity without risking safety. Rely on Conceptual Innovations for standard, retrofit, and custom material mobility solutions that improve the bottom line.

HaloDrive Systems – Omnidirectional Mobility

Safely Move Massive Equipment and Enormous Loads with Extreme Precision

Conceptual Innovations HaloDrive Systems feature omnidirectional wheels that improve safety and increase productivity. Thanks to our patented technology, HaloDrive Pods provide unparalleled benefits and capabilities. HaloDrive Wheels are modular, enabling custom-configured HaloDrive Systems that can move just about anything, regardless of its, weight, size, or shape.

  • Add precision-controlled mobility to equipment up to 250 ft in length and weigh up to 50 tons.
  • Reduce risk of injury, as well as damage to equipment and products with simplified controls that do not require highly skilled labor or certification.
  • Improve productivity by increasing load per cart, while reducing risk of over-exertion with a single operator.
  • Save money by retrofitting existing equipment, and reduce valuable floor space required with standing start movement in any direction.

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Drive Caster™ - Industrial Motorized Caster

The industry’s first motor-powered industrial caster, the Drive Caster™ is an innovative solution for material handling mobility. The Drive Caster™ has an integrated motor, which makes it extremely versatile. It can be mounted to a wide range of equipment including carts, racks, dollies, moving walls, turntables, platforms, machinery, and more.

Quickly and easily add a Drive Caster™ to:

  • Increase productivity by easily moving up to 6,000lb loads
  • Improve ergonomic safety with zero-exertion, push button material movement
  • Save money by retrofitting existing equipment
  • Add mobility to a wide variety of equipment such as walls, platforms, turntables

A second Drive Caster™ can be integrated to easily move up to 10,000lbs, as well as enabling tank-style steering for greater control.


In addition, we have developed innovative equipment on the Drive Caster™ platform to assist with your industrial mobility needs.

  • Conversion Drive Caster – A fully integrated unit that integrates into existing equipment
  • Drive Cart – A motor-powered cart that can be towed long distances and is self-powered for delivery to production cells.
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Conceptual Innovations leverages a variety of manufacturing capabilities to reduce design time and expenses for custom applications. We also optimize standard and retrofit solutions to maximize efficiency and minimize expenses. Consider us a hybrid between a cost-effective and agile fab shop and a versatile, full-service engineering firm.

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