Material Handling Carts & Platforms

Conceptual Innovations transforms material handling with its advanced motorized carts, marking a significant leap in operational efficiency. These Drive Carts, powered by motorized casters, easily navigate complex and demanding loads, showcasing Conceptual Innovations’ commitment to combining superior design with practical functionality.  The HaloDrive™ System exemplifies this forward-thinking approach, with HaloDrive™ Pods delivering unparalleled omnidirectional mobility. These aren’t just omnidirectional wheels; they’re motorized and designed to handle up to 50 tons with extraordinary precision. At Conceptual Innovations, we’re not just participating in the material handling sector but leading it, providing solutions that are more than tools—they’re strategic investments for industries looking to excel.


Drive Carts – Motorized Material Handling Carts

Drive Carts have motorized casters to manage unique and challenging loads adeptly. This deliberate attention to design and functionality significantly enhances workflow efficiency, positioning each material handling cart as a tool and a strategic investment. This aligns seamlessly with modern industries’ complex and evolving demands, where precision, adaptability, and efficiency are essential.

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The HaloDrive™ System – Omnidirectional Wheels with Power

At its core, the HaloDrive™ features HaloDrive™ Pods, which offer powered omnidirectional mobility focusing on versatility and precision for many industrial applications. These pods are not mere wheels but motor-powered omnidirectional marvels, capable of maneuvering loads as heavy as 50 tons with an astonishing precision of +/—0.5mm. Each HaloDrive™ Pod operates independently, negating the need for specific wheel placement or configurations.

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Motorized Casters

Conceptual Innovations also offers our Driver Caster motorized casters that can be added to your existing material handling carts. Our Drive Conversion Caster is motorized caster that can attach to most material handling carts and add precision power, reducing push force.

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