Omnidirectional wheels are also known as Omniwheels, Holonomic, or Mecanum wheels. Regardless of the name, the main advantage of omnidirectional wheels is their 360 degrees of mobility.

Omnidirectional wheels make it easy to maneuver and position whatever they are attached to because of their ability to:

  • Move side-to-side
    • Spin easily
    • Begin movement in any direction
Image provided by Cbteam234 at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0

How omnidirectional wheels work

Omnidirectional wheels have rollers around the circumference positioned perpendicular to the turning direction. These omni wheels roll forward and backward as any wheel does.  Another version is the Mecanum wheel, which incorporates rollers obliquely attached to the entire circumference of the rim.

A disadvantage, however, is that what is gained in maneuverability can be lost in overall vehicle control. They are also inherently limited in load capacity because of the smaller rollers. This is especially apparent in manual applications where larger objects are moved, pushed, or pulled.

The HaloDrive™ System offers high maneuverability with precise control.

Conceptual Innovations developed a patent-pending motor-powered omnidirectional drive technology called the HaloDrive™ System to solve these challenges. This system consists of OmniDirectional HaloDrive™ Pods. These pods incorporate two independently rotating wheels into one assembly, each driven by its motor.

The omnidirectional wheels mentioned above differ significantly from the omnidirectional HaloDrive™ system designed by Conceptual Innovations. HaloDrive™ Pods allow all the motors to perform both steering and driving functions simultaneously, compared to other omni-drive systems that only allow one engine to steer and another to drive.

This advantage results in a much higher power density and compactness, creating a lower-cost product with a higher drive performance.

The patented technology enables HaloDrive™ Pods to:

  • Start a movement in any direction
  • Steer all axles
  • Precisely position and maneuver within +/- .5MM

Higher load capacity is a major advantage of utilizing the HaloDrive™ System

These Pods provide all of the capabilities and functionality of Omni wheels and Mecanum wheels. However, HaloDrive™ Pods are designed for higher load capacity and deliver precise movements in tight spaces. You’ll find these drive systems in industrial material handling industries and applications such as:

➢Boats and Ships
➢Wind Turbines
➢Heavy Equipment
➢Semi -Trucks and Trailers
➢Trains and Locomotives.

Scalability Made Simple

Scalability is another significant advantage of the HaloDrive™™ System. Increasing load capacity is easily accomplished by adding additional drive pods.  The HaloDrive™ System can accommodate HaloDrive™ pods from 2 to 20, resulting in a load range from 5,000 lbs. to 200,000 lbs.  Additional options are also available, such as a wireless hand controller, a lifting system, safety sensors, and wireless charging.

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