Injury Reduction: Engineering Safer Solutions

Innovative Designs That Minimize Injuries and Maximize Material Handling Safety.

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency for Heavy Material Handling

We continue to be at the forefront of workplace safety, offering innovative solutions to mitigate injuries associated with heavy material handling.

With our wealth of experience, we provide semi-automated capabilities, motorized casters, custom drive systems, and industrial electric carts to streamline operations while reducing physical strain on workers.

Our comprehensive approach enhances safety and boosts efficiency, ensuring a smoother workflow and a healthier workforce. We are your trusted partner to optimize your heavy material handling processes for a safer and more productive workplace.

“At the beginning of the project, there were a lot of unanswered questions on how to move forward. The Conceptual Innovations team helped us through the process to ensure the project turned out extremely successful. We’ll be sure to use them again whenever we can.”

– Ergonomics Engineer, Large Equipment Manufacturer

Why Choose Conceptual Innovations?

We take a hands-on approach to reducing push force and improving safety. We dissect the problem, walk through a solution, and help our customers quantify it from a cost perspective.

25% Reduction in Workplace Injuries: Clients can achieve significant injury reduction through the implementation of Conceptual Innovations’ safety-focused designs

Industry Expertise: With a team of seasoned professionals, Conceptual Innovations brings deep knowledge and experience in the area of ergonomics and safety to every project, providing clients with valuable insights and guidance.

Quality Assurance: Clients can trust Conceptual Innovations to deliver high-quality results, backed by rigorous testing, quality assurance measures, and meeting or exceeding your safety and compliance expectations.

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DRIVE CASTER® Trike Eliminates Safety Risk And A Liability Concern

A leading supplier for the commercial aerospace industry needed a way to move reels up to 2,000 when fully loaded. On top of being heavy, they were also awkward. These reels became a safety risk and a liability concern whenever maneuvered. A task that typically took 2-3 workers to perform. Conceptual Innovations developed a drive caster trike to move these reels efficiently and safely without wasting manpower.

Conceptual Innovations is part of the Caster Concepts family of Brands

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