AGV Alternatives: Cost-Effective Solutions for Efficient Operations

Discover our lower-cost alternatives to expensive AGV systems.

Efficient Solutions, Lower Costs, Enhanced Productivity

We lead the way in offering lower-cost alternatives to costly AGVs for heavy material handling needs. Our solutions include semi-automated capabilities, precision load positioning, motorized casters, custom drive systems, and industrial electric carts.

With these innovations, we offer unmatched efficiency and reliability at a fraction of the cost, empowering businesses to optimize their operations without compromising on quality.

“We came to talk about casters and found out about the Omni Drive. This segued into how Conceptual Innovations could help us determine what was possible. Their team was just phenomenal.”

– Project Engineer, Large Equipment Manufacturer

Why Choose Conceptual Innovations?

Working with Conceptual Innovations empowers clients to innovate, customize, and succeed in their respective industries, driving growth and achieving their business objectives.

30% increase in productivity: Our customers have seen measurable productivity increases using less labor after implementing Conceptual Innovations Solutions.

Customization: Conceptual Innovations tailors its solutions to each client’s unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for their specific challenges and goals.

Cost-Effectiveness: By streamlining processes and leveraging expertise, Conceptual Innovations delivers value-driven solutions that maximize return on investment for its clients.

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Omni-Directional HaloDrive System Moves 40,000 Pounds With Precision

BAE approached Conceptual Innovations to develop an OmniDirectional Cart capable of carrying 40K lbs. of payload. The cart needed to move the vehicle chassis in and out of weld cells. These cells were situated so that a high degree of maneuverability was required. A complete turnkey cart was developed that sped up operations, improved safety, and met a 5X Safety Factor on UTS.

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