The Situation

BAE approached Conceptual Innovations to develop an OmniDirectional Cart capable of carrying 40K lbs. of payload. The cart needed to move the vehicle chassis in and out of weld cells. These cells were situated so that a high degree of maneuverability was required.

An overhead crane performs vehicle movements from cell to cell, which requires trained operators to perform the movement. The entire process was becoming bottlenecked with limited crane capacity and operator availability.

The Solution

Conceptual Innovation’s OmniDirectional Drive Pods were an ideal fit for this application. A complete turnkey cart (100″ wide by 250″ long) was developed that consisted of 4 Omni Directional drive pods and 4 load-bearing swivel-on-swivel 97 Series casters.
All drive pods on the cart employ a suspension system that allows the wheels to maintain proper traction with the ground.

With the OmniDirectional cart in place to move the chassis. The operation was sped up, safety was improved, and general operators performed movement. Engineering the frame also included running detailed FEA on the structure to ensure it met a 5X Safety Factor on UTS.

The battery-powered cart features a wireless control pendent with a 3 axis joystick, fast and slow modes, and E-Stop. The pendant contains a rechargeable LI-Ion battery. An onboard battery charging system powered via standard 120VAC can charge the batteries overnight.

Omni-directional carts come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different loads and applications, making them versatile. Whether transporting heavy items or fragile goods, these carts offer a reliable and efficient solution. With their ability to move in any direction, Omni-Directional carts are valuable for enhancing productivity. And simplifying logistical operations in various industries.