Engineered Services That Power A Higher ROI

Conceptual Innovations offers customized electric powered industrial carts and transport systems that reduce operating costs and require less maintenance. In addition, they accommodate higher weight capacities, require less personnel to operate and provide a higher level of safety by reducing operating injuries.

Reduce Capital Investment & Utilize Existing Equipment.

Custom retrofit your existing equipment to handle greater weight capacities and minimize the need to purchase additional equipment.

Our material handling engineers have worked with many respected companies and have designed cost-effective manufacturing solutions for many unique challenges.

Move Materials Safer With Less Effort and Expense

Custom engineered systems are a safer alternative to forklifts, overhead cranes, and other high risk, difficult to operate, and space consuming equipment. They eliminate overexertion risks as a powered system and are easily maneuvered by a single operator.

Add in the fuel and maintenance costs of this equipment compared to the battery powered Drive System, and it's easy to see why Conceptual Innovations Drive Systems are a logical and lower-cost alternative.

Custom Engineered Solutions for Unique Mobility Challenges

For customers who need a custom engineered system to their exact specifications, HaloDrive Omnidirectional Industrial Carts seamlessly move extremely heavy loads while simultaneously moving and turning - enabling greater efficiency and precision.

There are numerous options available for HaloDrive Systems, including:

  • Safety options such as emergency kill button, safety sensors, intuitive controls
  • Power by AC or DC with a variety of battery types and capacities
  • Modular design accommodates weight capacities up to 50 tons and dimensions up to 100ft.x 100ft.


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