HaloDrive™ Pods

Industrial Omnidirectional Wheels

Conceptual Innovations’ patented technology featured in the HaloDrive™ Pods enables these motor-powered, omnidirectional wheels unlimited maneuverability. HaloDrive™ Pods are designed for modular integration to add mobility to a variety of extreme-duty industrial applications with a maximum weight capacity of 50 tons and dimensions up to 250 feet with extreme accuracy +/- .5MM.

Experience seamless integration with HaloDrive™ Pods, eliminating the need for facility modifications, special flooring, or additional infrastructure like rails and tracks. Our omnidirectional wheels allow for retrofits to existing equipment, providing a cost-effective solution that reduces overall equipment expenditures.

Our drive pods start moving in any direction from the get-go, drastically minimizing the required floor space for maneuvering and positioning. Navigate through narrow spaces with ease, offering flexibility in confined environments.

Reduce capital investment and save space

  • Does not require any modifications to facilities or special flooring, rails, tracks, etc.
  • Retrofit existing equipment to reduce equipment expenditures.
  • Begin movement in ANY direction to significantly reduce floor space needed to maneuver and position.
  • Maneuver through narrow areas
  • Lower purchase, operation, and maintenance costs compared to other equipment with similar load-weight capacities.

Improve safety and increase productivity

Achieve precision with our HaloDrive™ Pods system, allowing you to position objects with accuracy within millimeters. Operating this technology requires no specialized training or certification, ensuring accessibility for all users.

HaloDrive™ Pods significantly lower the risk of injury and damage to products, equipment, and facilities, increasing overall workplace safety. Our motorized design minimizes operator effort, reducing fatigue and the potential for overexertion, allowing a single operator to move heavier loads with ease.

Solves unique and complex industrial mobility challenges

Conceptual Innovations can integrate HaloDrive™ Pods seamlessly into custom, oversized, or exceptionally heavy equipment material handling situations. By combining multiple omnidirectional wheels into one application, you can greatly increase the weight capacity and drive power.

Our Engineering experts are available to develop your material handling and industrial fixturing solutions.


Retrofit Existing Equipment

The HaloDrive™ Pods are ideal for adding omnidirectional motor-powered mobility by retrofitting equipment used in the manufacturing and maintenance of

✓ Aircrafts
✓ Automobiles
✓ Boats and Ships
✓ Heavy Equipment
✓ Steel Processing and Transportation
✓ Trucks and Trailers
✓ Trains and Locomotives
✓ Wind turbines

Need to know more about the HaloDrive™ Pods and if they are right for your application? Schedule a call with a HaloDrive™ product engineer to get answers to your technical questions and develop the right solution for your needs.


HaloDrive™ Pods Sample Configurations

Omnidirectional, All-Axle Steering allows each Pod to position independently, enabling movement with extreme precision with a lower turning radius.
• Begin movement in any direction from a dead stop.
• Maneuver through tight spots.
• Spin around in place.
• Make turns with a tighter radius.