HaloDrive™ Pods

Industrial Omnidirectional Wheels

Conceptual Innovations’ patented technology featured in the HaloDrive™ Pods enables these
motor-powered, omnidirectional wheels unlimited maneuverability with extreme precision (1/4” variance). HaloDrive™ Pods are designed for modular integration to add mobility to a variety of
extreme-duty industrial applications. Thus, capable of essentially moving limitless weight and size capacity, simply increase Pods to accommodate the applications requirements.

Add omnidirectional drive power to
carts and equipment

 The only omnidirectional motorized caster on the market for loads over 1 ton
 Move in any direction, maneuver easily and position with extreme precision.
 Features patented technology that optimizes power and battery life.
 HaloDrive™ Pods can easily be integrated to upgrade existing equipment or develop
new transport solutions.

Ideal for applications up to 100 tons on just about any type of extremely large and heavy
 Aircraft Maintenance Platforms
 Turntables
 Carts and Transports
 Overhead Gantry Cranes

Improve Operations with Agility, Scalability, and Flexibility

HaloDrive™ Pods deliver unlimited maneuverability with extreme precision to not only move
tons, but improve processes by increasing efficiency, saving time, and reducing the risk of injury.

Extreme agility:
 Easily align and position with extreme accuracy
 Move in any direction, at any angle, while facing another direction
 Reduce space required to turn, spin in place, and align

Modular design enables scalable flexibilityPods are a fully integrated unit with:
 Dual drive motors with patented power distribution technology
 Autonomous steering on each HaloDrive™ Pod
 Independently rotating dual wheels

Additional Pods increase weight capacity. Add just one or several depending on application requirements.

Case Study:
Boeing asks Conceptual Innovations to Develop Omnidirectional Drive