This remote-controlled omni-directional material handler developed by Conceptual Innovations moves and precisely positions large but delicate workpieces. Fits on a flatbed truck for convenient cross-country shipment and delivery.


Conceptual Innovations (Albion, MI) has developed a wheeled material transporter capable of moving 40,000 pounds and maneuvering in narrow aisleways. Based on the company’s patent-pending omnidirectional drive system, the battery-powered, wirelessly controlled platform is a cost-effective alternative to expensive cranes and forklifts that require trained operators.

The platform moves and precisely positions even the most delicate parts, such as an airplane fuselage. Designed to transport the hull of a military vehicle, the platform is used by automobile manufacturers, spacecraft engineers, and the marine industry.

Features Include:

  • Four drive system pods that rotate 210 degrees independently.
  • Drive system pods that move in all degrees within a horizontal plane.
  • Extra-heavy-duty dual-wheel casters designed for heavy loads.
  • Wireless controller with three-axis joystick and slow/fast and e-stop selection.