Motorized Carts and Trailers

Retrofit Existing Equipment or Design A Custom Electric Powered Solution

The entire line of DRIVE CASTER® Systems, from electric-powered carts and trailers to multi-functional platforms, are designed to increase productivity while improving safety. This includes the ability to retrofit existing equipment or develop a motorized solution customized to your particular application.

Which DRIVE CASTER® System is Right for You?


Our motorized carts and trailers are available with multi-functional capabilities, including electric powered drive systems that incorporate both moving and lifting functions. These motorized lifting drive systems are hydraulically powered with heavy duty cylinders, which can move up and down while the cart is turning.

Advantages of these lifting drive systems include:
• Increased maneuverability with sensor steering and lifting decreased process times while reducing crew size
• Eliminates the need for an overhead lifting system and the downtime created by moving overhead large objects across a production floor
• Safer movement of materials with reduced possibility of worker injuries

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Configuring and Steering Your Drive System

For customizable motorized carts and trailers, DRIVE CASTER® motors support rack and pinion steering and tank-style steering. The tank-style configuration utilizes two DRIVE CASTER®. One motor moves in reverse while the other DRIVE CASTER® moves forward. Rack and Pinion steering handles similar to a car, requiring a larger turning radius.

If the weight of the load requires more DRIVE CASTER®, you can easily configure a cart using all DRIVE CASTER®. Contact us to determine the best configuration for your needs.

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Cart Configurations

  • Manual Steering (Front Pivoting)

  • Manual Steering (Center Pivoting)

  • Straight Line W/ Track