Custom Engineering and Efficient Retrofitting to Power Your Productivity.

From a retrofitted powered industrial cart to a custom engineered transport featuring omnidirectional HaloDrive™ Pods, Conceptual Innovations powers your possibilities by helping you move materials safer and with extreme precision, all while reducing costly injuries.

Custom retrofit an existing product.

Transform an existing manual into a retrofitted Powered Industrial Cart for greater efficiency and load capacity with our Patented DRIVE CASTER®TM.

Go one step further by adding lifting capabilities with our Lifting DRIVE CASTER®, giving you the ability to power a cart and lift up heavy loads for a safer and more productive work environment.

Other motorized ergonomic options include the Conversion Caster and the DRIVE CASTER® Trike for additional solutions to carry heavier loads easily without the risk of operator injury.

Engineering for any level of customization.

Our Drive Systems take a hybrid approach to fill the unique needs of customers, whether it’s a standard retrofitted drive cart or a roll lifter that incorporates the functions of a Lifting DRIVE CASTER® mounted on a platform to specific requirements.

With the growing demand for customized and retrofitted carts that can modify existing customer products, Conceptual Innovations’ Drive Systems reduce capital expenses and manpower while increasing load capacity.

Customize a Halo Omnidrive Platform to your precise needs.

Conceptual Innovations HaloDrive is an omnidirectional drive system that provides a complete solution for precision movement of the largest, heaviest, and most complex applications.

Our HaloDrive custom industrial transport carts can be equipped with 4,6, or 8-HaloDrive™ Pods for increased efficiency and exceptional precision.

These pods are easily scalable and can handle up to 250 feet in length and weight up to 50 tons, tailored to fit the needs of your project.

To address other challenges in industrial materials movement, retrofitting HaloDrive™ Pods onto existing equipment is accomplished using one of these standard configurations:

  • HaloDrive Cart
  • HaloDrive Hauler
  • HaloDrive Scissor Lift
  • HaloDrive Load Lift


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