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As practical as a material handling cart is, there are times where a fully loaded cart weighs too much to move manually. When cart loads exceed 2,500 pounds, they become challenging to push or pull using a traditional caster configuration. In addition, initial push force requirements, tight spaces, the potential for overexertion injuries, and other problems can keep a perfectly good cart from being utilized. This is where a motorized drive system can solve these issues both effectively and cost efficiently.

Conceptual Innovations invented the Drive Caster™, an electric motor that’s integrated with an industrial caster. Besides significantly reducing the force needed to move the cart, another big benefit is that the Drive Caster system can be retrofitted to existing material handling carts. These motorized casters have the weight capacities equivalent to an AGV at a lower cost.


With lower operating speeds and different load-lifting requirements, operators also do not need specialized training to use a Drive Caster system. Employees can effortlessly move thousands of pounds of equipment with little to no exertion required.

The Drive Caster features a ½-horsepower motor and eight-inch diameter wheels, AC and DC power options, and a variety of control units. It can be used in any industry, from automotive to aerospace and ground support equipment. And the Drive Caster be easily added to a dolly, moving mall, turntable, platform, or other machinery to move up to 5,000 pounds.

Another product developed by Conceptual Innovations utilizing a motorized drive is the customizable Drive Cart. The Drive Cart can move up to 10,000 lbs. and is also equipped for long-distance transport. A switch or positioning of the tow hook easily engages or disengages the motor, a feature that allows utilization of the Drive Cart at higher speeds with a tugger or AGV. This makes it easy to maneuver from the tugger train to the work area, eliminating major material transport constraints.

Our engineering team can design carts to meet existing specifications or retrofit the drive system onto existing carts. We can also fabricate carts with integrated electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems, ensuring the exact cart for your needs.