Insert Injection Mold Tooling

Insert Injection Mold Tooling, For CasterShox, Nylon Material, Polycarbonate Material


The insert injection mold tooling was built for CasterShox, to make their caps. The material that we use to make these caps is a combination of nylon or polycarbonate with glass. To increase the strength we have placed a steel plate inside the cap. We do this by placing the plate in the mold before each cycle.

Key to Success:

What make this mold special was that we were able to recycle a used mold. And use it as a base for our design. The majority of the components that this mold came with were reused to help cut cost.

What had made this mold special was also a challenge to redesign. We had to work around the hole’s that were already in the mold. And figuring out if we could use the ones that were already there and where we could have new holes drilled. And have those all lined up to work smoothly. Another challenge to the design was the mold inserts, we had to figure out the correct spacing the caps would need and how much spacing the plate would need to allow the material to flow smoothly. And how to make sure that the caps would eject without any type of obstruction.

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