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Looking for a Custom or Standard Solution?

Standard Solutions, Custom Solutions, Proven Solutions. Conceptual Innovations offers both standard and custom solutions based on your requirements. An excellent example of a cost-effective standard solution is our Conversion Drive Caster. This fully integrated battery-powered unit makes it easy to retrofit your existing equipment with the Drive Caster, including dollies, moving walls, turntables, platforms machinery, and much more. As the need arose for maneuverable platforms that could move, turn, and lift simultaneously, Conceptual Innovations developed several custom solutions to go head-to-head with a variety of challenging applications. Our OmniDirectional Drive Systems and Hydraulic Lifts are just a couple of examples.

Standard Solutions

Replacing a regular caster with a motorized one is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to reduce operator injury with the ability to move much heavier loads. Conceptual Innovations introduced the first Drive Caster and has many motorized solutions to help operators move heavier loads easier and with less effort.

Click on any of the featured products and case studies below to learn more about the cost-efficient options from Conceptual Innovations.

Product Feature – Drive Systems

Once a total load exceeds 2,500 pounds, it becomes very difficult to move it manually with a traditional caster configuration. Caster Concept’s response to this challenge was to invent an innovative new product: The Drive Caster™. This ergonomic marvel features a ½-horsepower motor and eight-inch diameter wheels, AC and DC power options, and a variety […]

Caterpillar Case Study – Powered Ladder System

The Problem A leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment contacted Caster Concepts to inquire about building them a motorized ladder cart to help retrieve parts in their facility. Operators were having trouble pushing a manual cart around when it was fully loaded, which came in at 1,200 lbs. The Solution Modifying a regular ladder […]


Whether you need a retrofit or custom solution in any size or configuration, count on Conceptual Innovations to meet and exceed your material handling needs.



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From our custom patent-pending Omni Directional Drive Systems to industry-proven platforms, Conceptual Innovations provides remarkably innovative industrial design and manufacturing solutions. Contact us today.



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Custom Solutions

Conceptual Innovations has the expertise to test, design, and manufacture drive solutions, whether it’s as simple as a single drive unit to as complex as a multi-pod omnidirectional drive system. We use our own controls to power and command our drives. And we can incorporate secondary systems such as hydraulic or pneumatic lifting systems and integrate sophisticated sensors such as encoders, limit switches, safety scanners, and gyros to improve driving agility and intelligence.

Our specialty is manually controlled applications with software assistance designed for custom carts and other structures to improve safety and efficiency. Our systems can be either battery-powered or tethered to an AC power source, utilizing user interfaces such as a single thumb throttle or a wireless, multi-axis joystick handheld controller.

We also perform all of our design, testing, manufacturing, and validation in house. As a result, our costs are highly competitive, and our lead time is second to none.


See the examples below to find out how Conceptual Innovations helped customers lift and/or move and maneuver materials in a safe and highly efficient manner.


Developing custom drive platforms with omnidirectional maneuverability.

Omnidirectional refers to the concept of existing in every direction. This concept is especially relevant in motorized cart applications where maneuverability is an issue. In these cases, omnidirectional maneuverability combined with the ability to carry a heavy payload has proven to be a very cost- and time-efficient motorized solution for many companies. Conceptual Innovations has […]

BAE Case Study — OmniDirectional Cart with High Maneuverability

The Situation: BAE approached Conceptual Innovations to developed an OmniDirectional Cart capable of carrying 40K lbs. of payload.  The cart needed to move the vehicle chassis in and out of weld cells.  These cells were situated in such a way that a high degree of maneuverability was required.   Typically, vehicle movements from cell to cell […]


Conceptual Innovations is driven to solve our clients’ automation and material handling needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help solve yours.


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