Drive Cart for Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Sparks Productivity.

Conceptual Innovations recently designed a drive cart that will be utilized by a prominent electric vehicle manufacturer in their battery plant. The cart is designed to assist operators in moving heavy 6,000-lb. rolls of foil material from two different machines, a winding machine and a slitting machine.

One of the cart’s main features is its onboard hydraulic lift system. This enables the drive cart to pick up the 6,000 rolls from one machine and drop them into the second machine.

Powering the drive cart are 2 drive casters that enable tank steering capabilities. These motorized casters eliminate the need for manual pushing and pulling, greatly reducing the possibility of operator injury.

The cart is battery-powered and is recharged with an onboard charger.  User controls are provided on a wired pendant with a multi-axis joystick and lift controls.and e-stop.