Devin Easterwood: Utilizing his time as a Conceptual Innovations Intern to give back to Albion.

Initially, in high school, the Concord Robotics team was a place I could fit in and be with people I enjoyed being around. Throughout my time on the team, I developed good relationships with my peers and my mentors. Immediately I felt that Dr. Lee and I developed a good relationship, and I understood what he taught. I quickly realized that learning about robotics offered more opportunities than I initially thought, so I took it very seriously.

After my first season of robotics, I started my internship working with Dr. Lee. The projects that I have worked on over the past three years have developed my programming skills. I feel very fortunate that I can now go into a job that I enjoy and is challenging. During my time working at Conceptual Innovations, I’ve had many other opportunities to learn skills like CAD and machining, which didn’t lock me down to just programming.

I’m happy that I can work in my hometown that I grew up in, and I feel that all of the learning opportunities I’ve had should be passed on in Albion’s community. As a graduate of the first robotics program, I’ve now become a mentor. I have started to teach what I know to hopefully help another student have similar opportunities as I’ve had. I hope to use my position as a Build Albion Fellow and as an intern of Conceptual Innovations to reach out to our talented community to grow young minds as I continue to develop my own talents.