Moving Display Stand

Dual Drive Caster Cart

This Drive Caster system is equipped with an intuitive thumb toggle and is capable of moving up to 5,000 lbs.

Tank Steering Drive Casters

Omni Directional Drive Caster System

Step Conveyor

In the past, producers of transmission valves or other screw machined parts had a position at their plant where employees were designated to manually sort and place each individual part by hand into an inspection machine. In order to automate this process and free up employees’ time for better use, our clients contacted us to find a solution. That’s when we developed this step conveyor system, a device capable of automatically conveying individual machined components to an inspection station at a rate of one piece every 2-3 seconds. The device will save the customer approximately $30,000 a year.

Our Drive Caster System fitted with Mecanum Wheels is capable of maneuvering thousands of pounds in the most intricate patterns possible.

Product Review: Drive Cart by Conceptual Innovations

Humantech’s Jennie Gober-Dustin recently reviewed this new product offering from Conceptual Innovations. The motorized cart moves up to 6000 pounds and includes many unique ergonomic features.