Wagon Steer Carts

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Three wagon steer carts, each presenting with their own unique challenges.

1) Customer dissatisfaction with current design of product transport cart.

2) Customer desired cart to carry 3,000 lbs , turn 180 degrees and lock in place, with a push/pull rating of less than 50 lbs.

3) Customer needed tubular frame with a slip resistance deck and turn diameter of less than 27 feet.

Key to Success:

1) Conceptual Innovations felt the existing wagon steer carts could be redesigned to cut cost and improve on the manufacturing process. The entire cart body was redesigned to be completely laser cut and welded, with as little machining as possible. A custom built quad steer assembly was designed, to improve upon the original design. design.

2) The CI Team designed and built a flexible platform that locked in place at each set location and met the desired push/pull mark. This project also benefited from custom laser cutting and welding.

3) Once again CI met all requirements. The deck was made out of SlipNOT non slip deck plate to meet the slip resistant requirement. The turn diameter requirement was met using a custom designed and manufactured quad steer link. Along with a custom fabricated tongue, this helped maintain the tight turn diameter.

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