Transmission Assembly Cart

Engine Block Cart, Custom Cart, Agricultural Manufacturer


Design and manufacturer a custom transmission assembly cart for a major agricultural manufacturer to help workers more efficiently do their work on a transmission assembly line.  This drive-able cart needed to manipulate and position transmission housings weighing over 3,500 lbs. Operators drive the cart into position and rotate, lift, or lower the transmission housing for proper assembly orientation.

Key To Success:

This transmission assembly cart is a self-contained unit with battery power and an all-in-one hydraulic pump, manifold, and reservoir. The rotation and lift capabilities are controlled via a hydraulic motor and cylinders. Lastly, the unit was fitted with safety sensors to disable the machine if a technician is standing on either leg. If the machine is not in the correct orientation it will not rotate, raise, or lower depending on which sensors are illuminated. The sensors help the machine to self preserve itself and the operators around it.

These carts were made using the machining, laser cutting, and forming capabilities of our parent and sister companies Triple E, Fabricating Concepts, and Caster Concepts.

Custom, Agricultural Manufacturer, Battery Power, Lift Capabilities

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