Quad Door Machine Enclosure

Quad Door Machine Enclosure, Axle Balancing Machine


The Conceptual Innovations team was tasked with the design and manufacture of a quad door machine enclosure for an axle balancing machine.

Key To Success:

All four doors were designed to open within four seconds. The doors have to traverse roughly twelve and a half feet. The entire quad door machine enclosure was designed to fit within a shipping container so it could easily be transported to Australia. The doors were opened via custom poured polyurethane gears, and a carbon drive belt system.  Various access panels and doors were built into the enclosure for ease of maintenance.

The laser cut and formed components were manufactured by Fabricating Concepts our sister company. The custom poured polyurethane gears were poured by another sister company, Reaction Industries. Other components were machined by Triple E Manufacturing in Parma Michigan which is also a sister company.

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