M2 Bradley/M1226 Stryker ICV Reconfigurable Simulator

mATV Bradley Reconfigurable Simulator, Bradley and Stryker Military Transport Vehicles


Customer wanted a simulator for training troops on M2 Bradley and M1126 Stryker ICV military transport vehicles. This simulator was to be configurable between the two styles, as to save time, space, and cost.

Key to Success:

This project was comprised of two portions, the driver’s cab and the troop transport bay. The driver’s cab was to replicate the actual cab closely, as to make training as effective as possible. This was done with custom fabrication of the interior and using authentic components from a real cab. The cab was constructed with a side door, accessible from both the inside and the outside. The cab also had a realistic top hatch the raised and lowered like the actual version.

The troop transport bay was the portion that needs to be configurable. This proved challenging, as the transport bay would have to grow in width. The width difference between the M1126 Stryker ICV and the M2 Bradley is approximately 9 inches. This was accomplished by building the bay in two halves. Each half was placed on casters, with floor locks. This would allow the halves to be moved apart to the accurate width, with as little disassembly as possible. Removable panels were constructed to be used in the appropriate locations to help complete the look. Custom fabricated parts and actual components were also used in the completion of this portion. In an effort to help save our customer cost, portions of an existing simulator on their site were reused. This required altering these components and fabricating the new components to them.
The powder coated coloring was also a challenge. This was the first project that required two tone coloring (i.e army green on the outside, white on the inside). This required certain components and panels to be powder coated twice.

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