Mack Truck Cart

Mack Truck Cart, Commercial Trucks, Carry Heavy Weights


This Mack Truck cart was a custom designed solution for Mack Truck.  Mack Truck is a leader in the manufacturing, and design of large commercial trucks.  Mack requested a custom built cart to carry around a pony tank.  The tank on board is carrying compressed natural gas.  A pony tank is a fuel vessel that will piggy-back on a vehicle during production.

Key to Success

The pony tank cart is designed to be pulled by vehicles in a chain of carts, or when it arrives at the destination personnel can maneuver it into position.  The Mack Truck cart utilizes foam filled pneumatic wheels for outdoor use, and noise dampening.  The positioning standoffs on the top of the cart are dimensionally over-sized for easy loading and unloading of the pony tank.  Along with creating a custom cart, Mack Truck wanted their standard hitch, floor lock, and tow tongue incorporated; which is easily done due to the laser cutting capabilities of our sister company Fabricating Concepts.

All of the laser cut and formed parts were manufactured by our partner Fabricating Concepts, as well as doing the powder coating.

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