Dash Rack and Steering Wheel Rack

Dash Rack, Steering Wheel Rack, Turnkey Training Systems for Military, Related Industrial Contractors


Dash Rack and Steering Wheel Rack were developed as turnkey training systems for the U.S. military and their related industrial contractors. The dash racks are used to store simulator consoles that are changed out from various simulators. With two different types of racks to choose from a single side that hold up to four consoles and a double-sided which holds eight.

Key to Success:

These racks are used in different training facilities and are special because they are modular, where the technician can swap out different consoles to use with different simulators. Giving them the ability to keep different types of consoles in one space. And having caster’s on them mobile allowing the operators to move the racks to storage area, also to move them onto a trailer if they require shipping the simulator to another area.

Now one of the challenges to designing these racks was that FAAC required them to handle multiple consoles. FAAC was able to provide solid models in solidworks of the different types of consoles that are going to be used on these racks. When designing there racks we had to make sure that they were easy to assembly and produce, modular, and install. While making sure that they will fit nicely in whatever they decide to place them.

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