Custom Swaging Tool

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A Local material handling manufacturer was having issues with assembly times and looking to reduce product costs.  The application required a way to quickly and safely press bearings into their casters while also removing snap rings to assemble the swivel sections.  In the past, this was a timely process that often caused bottlenecks in production.


Conceptual innovations designed, built, and tested application tooling.  Conceptual innovations also redesigned the customers’ current parts to remove snap rings.  Two swaging devices were implemented.  One side of the machine presses the bearing into the top plate, while simultaneously locking the bearing into place, and the other joins the legs of the caster with the top plate and swivel section.  Both steps are done simultaneously; the swaging tools completely removed the need for snap rings.

Yoke Base Swag Assembly Tool, Michigan Tool, Swage


Assembly times were reduced from 2 minutes, to 30 seconds and; machine times were reduced by 30 seconds per caster.  This drop in production time not only prevented hold ups in production, it saved the customer approximately $50,000 dollars a year.

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