Circular Display For GM Driving Simulator

Circular Display, GM Driving Simulator


This project was for a 360 degree, circular display for GM Driving Simulator. The simulator was constructed to utilize a full size car body for use in simulation. The circular display for GM driving simulator would allow for a more realistic simulation. The simulator was 30 ft in diameter, with a retracting screen. It also had a door that rotated 90 degrees to allow access to the inside. The simulator was to also have outer panels to give it a sleek cylindrical look.

Key to Success:

This project was special, as it was the first time we had ever welded aluminum. Originally, we quoted making the skin panels out of steel. However, the customer wanted them out of aluminum for

Circular Display Screen For GM Driving Simulator 2weight reasons. For this reason, an aluminum welder was purchased and put into use on the production floor. It took some fine tuning, and trial and error, but the process was eventually streamlined. The design was also a challenge, as the panels had to incorporate not one but to curves along the entire 12 foot length.

Circular Display For GM Driving Simulator 3

The skin panels themselves were composed of an interlocking frame of aluminum panels, with a thin aluminum “skin” panel on the outside. This proved to be quite a challenge. We had originally planned the panel to be completed welded together, with powder coat finish. This proved to be more difficult than we anticipated. The skin, being so thin in comparison to the frame, melted through before a good weld could be achieved.  It was then decided that another alternative had to be found. It was suggested that the panels be glued to the frame. It was also decided that the powder coat did not conceal all of the imperfections. Then, the decision was made to outsource the gluing and the finish process completely.

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