Centrifuge Cart

Centrifuge Cart, Prototyping Part Transport, Generating Centrifugal Force


The centrifuge cart was designed to meet the needs of one of the world’s premier tire manufacturers. The cart needed to help with prototyping part transport and processing and while generating substantial centrifugal force as it rotates a mold at over 300 rpm.

Key To Success:

Once the cart is rotating at optimal speed polyurethane is poured into the mold. The centrifugal force ensures the entire mold cavity is filled properly. The cart can also be locked in varying angle positions up to 45 degrees from the floor while still rotating for ease of manufacturing parts.

The entire centrifuge cart is heat stable enough to be placed in an oven for curing the polyurethane parts. The cart has a motor, bearings, grease, and finishes that can withstand the polyurethane curing temperatures. This cart is fully guarded while in operation and can be secured to the floor to enable safe operation.

Most of the machined components were manufactured by our sister company Triple E. The laser cut, formed, and powder coated parts were made by our other sister corporation Fabricating Concepts.

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