Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Medium Duty AGV, laser-cut, formed materials


The original version of the Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV) chassis was machined and welded, and proved to be expensive.

The first cart was to used to convey product and tooling around facility, guided by rails. They were powered by another set of rails, and thus not limited by battery life. This project was developed as a cost effective alternative.

Key to Success:

The Conceptual Innovations team designed a chassis that incorporated no machining or welding. This version was constructed completely from laser cut and formed components. These components were then assembled using dowel pins and standard metric fasteners. The dowel pin holes, using laser cutting, were able to accept the dowel pins, within +/-.005 inch. The carts were also equipped with three swivel casters, and one motor driven drive wheel.  The drive wheel and one swivel were connected with a linkage arm, to ensure that the cart steered straight. Plastic bumpers were also utilized on the cart, to prevent damage during normal use. Sensor mounts were also put in place to allow our customer to use the cart in a fully automated environment.

This cart was quickly embraced by the customer. Not only was it cost effective, but was able to accommodate tooling with little to no alterations. Needless to say, the new and improved cart was quickly put into production.

One significant challenge was the need to create multiple “spines” or connecting bars as the project progressed. Due to the nature of the end product, the cart had to be modular. This meant it had to be adjustable to accommodate the various lengths needed in different production applications.

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