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The Drive Cart is the Material Handling Industry’s

Only Motor Powered Tow-able Cart

Designed to eliminate the risk of overexertion injuries and increase productivity, the Drive Cart is a one of a kind solution for materials transport. A common bottleneck in parts transport is the manual movement of carts from the Tug train to the production area, loads must be light enough for operators to manual push without the risk of injury due to overexertion.

Tug Trains can usually pull loads much greater than what an operator can manually push, therefore reducing cart loads and productivity. The Drive Cart is motor powered and can move up to 10,000lbs at walking speed, yet it can also be towed at higher speeds, as is common with a Tug Train or Forklift. The motor is easily engaged and disengaged by a switch, or positioning of the tow hook.

Gen III Drive Cart 03

Drive System

The “Drive” system we have created (see picture to the left), can be integrated in existing cart designs.

Our engineering team can design carts to meet existing specifications or retrofit the drive system onto existing carts.

We can also fabricate carts ensuring the exact cart for your needs.



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Below are a few designs we have created for existing clients.

Retrofit Auto Manufacturer Cart

Retrofit for Clients Existing Cart

Custom Cart carries and rotates engine block

Custom Cart carries and rotates engine block

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