Conversion Drive Caster

Steering Handle, Motor Powered

Convert Your Existing Carts Into Motor Powered Carts with the Conversion Drive Caster

The Conversion Drive Caster® minimizes the risk of overexertion when moving and maneuvering industrial carts and racks. Carts that required multiple operators to move, can now be handled by one person, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced risk of injury.

This fully integrated solution includes everything needed to convert to a Motor Powered Cart, including:

The battery is easily accessible for quick swap, ensuring continuous operation, even with multiple shifts.

Easily Integrated, With the Power to Push 5,000lbs Each

Simply replace a swivel caster with the Conversion Drive Caster and you’ve got the power to move 5,000lbs, you can double the pushing power by adding a stand alone Drive Caster®. For situations that require complex maneuvering, a 2nd Conversion Drive Caster® can be added in place of the other swivel caster, allowing for advanced maneuvering. This unit is available with various top plate sizes and bolt hole patterns.

Easy To Use, Intuitive Controls with Integrated Safety Features

The control panel is conveniently located, central on the top of the steering handle, allowing for easy control access that are intuitive and clear, including:

  • Power On/Off Switch
  • FWD/STOP/REV Toggle Switch
  • Battery Meter
  • Power Light
  • Emergency Stop

The Conversion Drive Caster is designed to operate at walking speeds (speeds vary by surface conditions, weight loads, slope of surface and other external factors).

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Product Specifications

Drive Capacity                       5,000lbs

Load Capacity                        2,000lbs

Drive Motor                           1/2 HP

Max Speed                              2 MPH

Battery                                    12 Volt / 24 Volt 60 AH Total

Wheel Size                              8″ D x 2″ W

Wheel Type                            Polyurethane on Cast Iron

Construction                          Steel

Finish                                      Powder Coating

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