The Creations of Conceptual Innovations

From custom drive platforms to driving simulators to a dyno testing station, Conceptual Innovations is an innovative leader in industrial design and manufacturing solutions. Download the PDF for an overview of some of the technical creations of Conceptual Innovations.

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Moving Display Stand

remote control, wireless control, boat display, drive caster

Challenge: To create a moving display stand for a boat manufacturer to be used in a product reveal at more »

Storage Towers

Conceptual Innovations recently ran a production run of 1,000 storage towers for an automotive windshield manufacturer.  The towers will more »

Pump Station Simulator

In an effort to reduce the costs associated with training the fire fighters of tomorrow, many training facilities are more »

Step Conveyor

In the past, producers of transmission valves or other screw machined parts had a position at their plant where more »

Custom Swaging Tool

Conceptual Innovations, Swage Tool, Swage Machine

Challenge: A Local material handling manufacturer was having issues with assembly times and looking to reduce product costs.  The application more »

Modern Tread Trucks

Modern Tread Trucks is the easiest way for tire manufactures to transport rubber material from point A to point more »

Conversion Drive Caster

Steering Handle, Motor Powered

Convert Your Existing Carts Into Motor Powered Carts with the Conversion Drive Caster The Conversion Drive Caster® minimizes the risk more »

Drive Cart

Drive Cart | Motorized Rechargable Cart | Conceptual Innovations

The Drive Cart is the Material Handling Industry's Only Motor Powered Tow-able Cart Designed to eliminate the risk of overexertion injuries more »

Mack Truck Cart

Mack Truck Cart, Commercial Trucks, Carry Heavy Weights

Challenge This Mack Truck cart was a custom designed solution for Mack Truck.  Mack Truck is a leader in the manufacturing, more »

Wagon Steer Carts

Wagon Steer Carts, Automotive Cart Casters

Challenge: Three wagon steer carts, each presenting with their own unique challenges. 1) Customer dissatisfaction with current design of product transport cart. 2) more »

Visual Display Driving Simulator

Visual Display For Driving Simulator, U.S. Military and Municipalities

Challenge: The visual display driving simulator was designed for use by the U.S. military and municipalities as driving simulators of IED ( more »

Trolley Simulator

Trolley Simulator, Bradley and Stryker Military Transport Vehicle

Challenge: This project was done for a company who wanted a trolley simulator for training troops on both the Bradley more »

Transmission Assembly Cart

Engine Block Cart, Custom Cart, Agricultural Manufacturer

Challenge: Design and manufacturer a custom transmission assembly cart for a major agricultural manufacturer to help workers more efficiently do their more »

Touch Screen Wall Mount Kiosk

Touch Screen Wall Mount Kiosk, Modern, Stylish

Challenge: Design and develop a new time clock kiosk for industry-leading time and attendance company. Need fresh concept that would be more »

Quad Door Machine Enclosure

Quad Door Machine Enclosure, Axle Balancing Machine

Challenge: The Conceptual Innovations team was tasked with the design and manufacture of a quad door machine enclosure for an axle more »

Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Medium Duty AGV, laser-cut, formed materials

Challenge: The original version of the Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV) chassis was machined and welded, and proved to be expensive. The more »

M2 Bradley/M1226 Stryker ICV Reconfigurable Simulator

mATV Bradley Reconfigurable Simulator, Bradley and Stryker Military Transport Vehicles

Challenge: Customer wanted a simulator for training troops on M2 Bradley and M1126 Stryker ICV military transport vehicles. This simulator more »

Insert Injection Mold Tooling

Insert Injection Mold Tooling, For CasterShox, Nylon Material, Polycarbonate Material

Challenge: The insert injection mold tooling was built for CasterShox, to make their caps. The material that we use to make more »

Dual Seat M-ATV Simulator

Dual Seat mATV Simulator

Conceptual Innovations was tasked with creating a driving simulator of an M-ATV combat vehicle.

Double Sided Dash Racks

Dash Racks, Weapon System Simulations, Used by U.S. Military/Industrial Contractors

Challenge: These dash racks were developed for weapon system simulations. The turnkey training systems are used for the U.S. military more »

Dash Rack and Steering Wheel Rack

Dash Rack, Steering Wheel Rack, Turnkey Training Systems for Military, Related Industrial Contractors

Challenge: Dash Rack and Steering Wheel Rack were developed as turnkey training systems for the U.S. military and their related more »

Circular Display For GM Driving Simulator

Circular Display, GM Driving Simulator

Challenge: This project was for a 360 degree, circular display for GM Driving Simulator. The simulator was constructed to utilize more »

Centrifuge Cart

Centrifuge Cart, Prototyping Part Transport, Generating Centrifugal Force

Challenge: The centrifuge cart was designed to meet the needs of one of the world's premier tire manufacturers. The cart needed to more »

Armor Rack Stand

armor rack stand, laser-cut, welded racks

Challenge: Conceptual Innovations redesigned an armor rack stand which is a simple tubular rack frame using laser cut, formed and more »

Aircraft Carrier Trolling Motor Dyno

Aircraft Carrier, Trolling Motor Dyno, Aerospace

Challenge: Conceptual Innovations was tasked to design and manufacture a mobile dyno testing station for a 350 HP aircraft carrier more »

Fuel Cell Shock Absorbers

Fuel Cell Shock Absorbers, Lightweight, Protect Ceramic Fuel

Conceptual Innovations manufactured a fuel cell shock absorber to be lightweight and protect ceramic fuel.

Dyno Test Machine

Dyno Test Machine, Dynamic Wheel Endurance Test

Conceptual Innovations designed a Dyno Test Machine (dynamic wheel endurance test machine) for use by its parent.

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